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(Abomination Vault) Lacia Meeting
This is my Darksiders Oc I decided to insert into the novel adaption :The Abomination Vault.(cause I can't draw for shit right now.) So most of this is from the book, aside from the few tweaks I made to fit her in, so I take no credit for it. 
I also shortened many parts cause I'm not typing all of that detail, lol.
"And how many of us would you have killed if you were the enemy?"
As Azrael descended to meet Death, and young female angel landed on the side not far behind him. 
Death bowed his head, "Azrael," he greets. "Death," the angel replies.
"Your soldiers attacked me, Azrael, not the other way around. And in answer to your question...All of you." "I suppose you might have tried, at that."
Azrael's feet now touched the ground, a few paces from Death.
Death glanced at the young angel who came closer beside him. Azrael follows Death's eyes and looks to the young angel next to him, "This is Lacia. She is here assisting me."
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United States
I love drawing and hope to become a professional someday.
I also love creating Oc's. I've been doing it since I was young because it's all I had to do and I still love doing It. :3

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Full character profiles are hell and I hate and love doing them.
Umm this is concerning 
The worst thing about big pictures and lots of layers in SAI it takes 10 to 15 seconds to save each time. So when it starts raining and thundering I'm always on edge. T^T (And when your computer starts being a little bitch again.)
Oda-sensei actually did sketches of Ace's crew!!
And there's lady crew member in there and she's adorable!
excited happy We Like To Party! (TF2 Chat Icon) Excited thranduil Godzilla - KinGoji [Excited, Clapping] [V.1] Hinata Excited Icon 
Look! You can see it here!…
The quality isn't good, hopefully, it gets lined and colors! 
Miuna Crying Icon Hiyori Crying Icon Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] Happy 
How does one 'Fashion'!!??
Cause I'm not good at making designs!
You wanna know why I've never posted other outfits for Iris?
1 Sparta Emoji-02 (Cries) 
Why do I always post shit at 2am?
I'm up ALL day and the only time I finish or wright anything is always late at night...
I'm a born night owl.Winged, Wise, And Wobbly 

Wait! I remember what I was going to put!
After :iconbi0-z-hazard: birthday, I will probably be taking a break from doing any colored/detailed pictures. I've been working on her B-day gift for two days and as much as I've been drawing lately my eyes are just shot. I'll still try and do doodles and sketches on my Tumblr though. :3
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Welp, Fairy Tail rant.(slight spoiler?) 

Fairy Tail has officially ended. And that last arc just made me loose complete interest in the series. I mean, Acnologia could have kick a little bit of ass? Like, he was suppose to be the main final boss and he's been mentioned for hundreds of chapters. He finally really joins the fight and...meh, he's gone...didn't even do much. 
It looks like that dragon or whatever they fight in the new movie does way more shit then him.(I haven't watched it yet though. Just little previews I see here and there.)
And I felt that the War arc was a bit rushed maybe? I wanted more...war. Like the Marineford War on One Piece, now that was a war. There was death and destruction everywhere! You saw the dark side of the Marines the Pirates doing everything to save their own. The death of cool and loved characters.(Fuck you Akainu)How we readers/watchers were emotionally destroyed!!  In BLEACH, Naruto and now Fairy Tail the wars are a bit of a sad excuse. Nobody dies or if someone does, it doesn't really count or has no reason/meaning or they magically get brought back to life like every series has their own version of the god damn dragon balls.

Everybody lives, everybody has their happy ending even those who don't really deserve it.(*cough*Sasuke should have died*cough*) Everyone gets with the person that they were meant to. This is something that annoys me a LOT. If anytime some has a crush on someone else who's completely oblivious to it, and they keep their crush on them, they get together. Especially in romance animes/mangas the first person they fall in love with they stay with forever. Even if they fight and said person goes and falls in love with someone else, sooner or later they always go back to the first love. Or when the 2nd person who's a lot cooler and loves them just has much the 1st person is push aside cause they always go for the first love or the person they first meet. Ahhhh! I just hate it! Go for the 2nd person, they're always cooler or stronger and nicer or they deserve to be loved, dammit!!

I just wanted someone to die, it's a war, someone has to die. Even those people who did die and were happy in fucking heaven or something, CAME BACK! What about the son??? Didn't fucking explain him! Why was he even there then!?
I don't know I just didn't like Fairy Tail's final arc. It could have been done better in my opinion. It's just one of those manga that just loose my interest once hits the final arcs. Same with BLEACH, but Naruto lost my interest a little more early on.  
But! If you guys liked/loved it then I'm very happy you do! If you love Fairy Tail and loved the ending then don't let my ranting brother you, it's just my personal opinion. :3

Uh. I'll put some recommendation for some of the manga's I read so if you guys want to check them out and maybe find something new to read. <3
  <li>Noblesse (a Manhwa. Has pretty realistic style in the beginning but starts to die down to more anime style after 40 chapters.)</li>
  <li>D.Gray Man (Was one of the top manga's before it went on hiatus for two years. Recently returned.) </li>
  <li>Nanatsu no Taizai/ The Seven Deadly Sins (I only started reading the manga were the first season of the anime left off.)</li>
  <li>Immortal Regis/Cavalier of the Abyss (love this Manhwa. Cavalier is currently on hiatus since the artist is working on a different Manhwa. It left on such a cliffhanger I was so mad! Was finally going to understand everything and 'poof'. I have no idea when it's going to continue...T^T) </li>
Those are the main ones I'm keeping up with right now.

Now. As for Rena!
I'll probably retire Rena(my Fairytail oc) and recycle her appearance when I find a new series to make a oc for that fits. I'll keep the pictures I have of her, I'll just make a
"Retired Oc's" folder and put her pictures in there.

This started off has just a small rant. But I kept typing and thinking, so man did I rant. (<.<)


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